Trust a Repairman Who Can Do It All

Choose us for comprehensive handyman services in Chicago, IL

If odd jobs are piling up around your home, don't spend your day off taking care of them. Hire Master Johnny Inc to patch up your place for you. We can handle any type of interior repair work. A contractor will inspect your home to learn the full extent of your job and develop a budget-friendly solution to fix your home.

Get convenient handyman services for your Chicago, Illinois home. Call 773-633-4803 now to get a free quote on your repair job.

Master Handyman Services in Chicago, IL

Master Handyman Services in Chicago, IL

Leave minor repair work to the professionals

You work hard and deserve a break. Master Johnny will help you relax by taking care of any household jobs you need completed. We can:

Repair your drywall
Tile your walls or floors
Hang fixtures
Repaint any room in your home
Hang doors
Handle minor electrical work

Don't let your home fall apart around you. Schedule tile installation, electrical work or drywall repair in Chicago, Illinois today.